A New Home and light-hearted Friday post

(Temporarily) Hopefully this will become a thing of the past!

(Temporarily) Hopefully this will become a thing of the past!

As you will probably be aware, we had a fairly serious issue on Monday night into Tuesday, which caused the site to be taken offline.  In the light of this, we are about to move to a new and hopefully more robust server and hosting platform.

“What will this mean for us?” I hear you ask.

Well, hopefully not a lot in terms of the inconvenience.  But due to the nature of the Internet, we can’t guarantee everything will progress as smoothly as we hope.  

So, what will happen?

In the very near future, We will make a short post on the front page notifying everyone that we are about to start transferring the site to our new webhost and we’ll also close down the comments temporarily to allow everything to transfer without missing anything.

We’ll then transfer all the data onto our new host server and migrate the domain name to the new server, this may take a few hours to achieve and we beg your patience whilst this is achieved.

How will we know when it is completed?

Once the migration has been fully achieved we will Tweet (@volcanocafeorg) and post into the Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/189749654542072) .  You can also drop a message to our email account (volcanocafe.org@gmail.com) with the subject “Are We Back Yet?” and we shall email you to let you know.

Please note, that due to the nature of the beast, users may need to reregister with the site.  We hope that this will prove unnecessary, but we are just not sure!

We thanks you for your patience during this transition.


After last week’s fantastic climax to the NDVP, it was decided that we should have a smaller, more irreverent post for this week to prove that we still don’t take ourselves TOO seriously, regardless of how much media attention we get!! I have drawn the short straw and tasked with coming up with something to lighten the mood… So, here goes…


A few days ago, myself and Henrik were having a quiet conversation on Facebook, when I had to cut it short to head out to visit the nearby high school that my youngest son is about start next year. On my return, Henrik asked how it had gone and jokingly asked whether the school in question was Hogwarts and this started us down a completely bizarre route of discussing “What if VolcanoCafé was Hogwarts?” or perhaps more accurately, “If VolcanoCafé was Hogwarts, what roles would you see everyone playing?”

I would also like to use this as a kind of “who we are” as some new users may not know all the team.

The coat of arms of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Contains the rather apt motto "Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus" or "Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon" (Wikimedia Commons)

The coat of arms of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Contains the rather apt motto “Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus” or “Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon”
(Wikimedia Commons)

Our first member of the Hogwarts VC team is Lughduniense.  Lughduniense fulfils a very important role (mostly behind the scenes) of The Janitor.  I wish it was a more glamourous role that I have bestowed her, but Lughduniense really is the janitor of VC!  This place would probably fall apart from within if it wasn’t for her diligent work, she is responsible for ensuring that all the server side software is up to date and that the site remains online.  

In the world of Hogwarts VC however, she most certainly would be our Care of Magical Creatures professor for her sterling work in the fostering and rehoming of dogs from rescue centres.  However, she is always hard at work behind the scenes (especially this week!) and we never see her, so perhaps she is our House Elf?  Please don’t give her a sock!!!

How I imagine Lughduniense's garden. (Artist unknown)

How I imagine Lughduniense’s garden.
(Artist unknown)

Also behind the scenes (mostly) is myself.  I’d love to claim to be the lynchpin that holds the whole place together, however my role (as I see it) is mainly in the social media side of VC.  I mostly try to keep the Twitter feed up to date and to keep track of our “followers” (some very impressive scientists keep tabs on us!).  I also try to keep the Facebook group clear of spam and process the membership requests.  I occasionally help out behind the scenes here and troubleshoot the odd issue that comes up.

In the Hogwarts world though, I could only be part of the Weasley family.  My bright red hair and freckles make it impossible for any other role.


I Would not look out of place in here! From Harry Potter by Warner Bros Used under Fair Usage

I Would not look out of place in here!
From Harry Potter by Warner Bros Used under Fair Usage

A name that will be more familiar to members is that of Diana Barnes.  If we were a military organisation, Diana would surely be our Morale Officer.  Diana normally pops in from time to time, reminding us to play nice and generally being a ray of sunshine in our lives.  

In our fantasy Hogwarts scenario, Diana surely would have to be our Herbology teacher given her background in biology and her love of gardening.


Diana showing the class how to properly deal with Mandrake Babies From Harry Potter by Warner Bros Used under Fair Use

Diana showing the class how to properly deal with Mandrake Babies
From Harry Potter by Warner Bros Used under Fair Use

Now we come onto our more recognizable members:

 Probably our most active contributor and perhaps saviour of VC is Geolurking.  Almost a year ago now,  there was a period where almost all the main contributors to VC stopped posting (for one reason or another that we won’t go into).  This left the site pretty much dead in the water.  Geolurking stepped up to the plate and along with Diana Barnes (and a few others), managed to keep VC ticking over with his Ruminarian series of posts.

At Hogwarts, I would see GL as fulfilling one of two roles or perhaps even doing them both.  First would be Muggle studies, GL is always quick to post when he witnesses some bizarre act from the “Homo Stultus” or even just commenting on something that is topical.  His second and perhaps his main role would be Defense against the Dark Arts.  GeoLurking’s military career makes this almost too easy to place him into this role, but his professional role in IT where he is in constant battle with “Homo Stultus” makes this position his for life!

Next is Albert.  Albert joined the team early this year posting a couple of articles on the old site and stepped in to assist Henrik finish up the NVDP series when Carl was unable to fulfil his commitments.  It is thanks to Albert that the series managed to get all the media coverage that we did with the posting of NVDP #1.

In our Hogwarts scenario and given his love of the celestial bodies, Albert world surely be our Astronomy teacher 😀

GeoLurking (GL) and Gilderoy Lockhart have the same initials, coincidence?? From Harry Potter by Warner Bros Used under "Fair Use":

GeoLurking (GL) and Gilderoy Lockhart have the same initials, coincidence?? From Harry Potter by Warner Bros Used under “Fair Use”:


Now we come to our “big two”!

 Henrik has been one of the driving forces of Volcano Café for a long time.  I would say head to the old site and take a look at his posts under the name “Pyrite”, however the all his posts were deleted in the vandalism that led to us moving to our own hosted site.  Henrik was one of the two who conceptualised the NDVP list (along with Carl) and ultimately was the author who (along with Albert) completed the list so spectacularly with the Ioto conclusion last week.  Henrik would probably like everyone to think that he had nothing to do with this list and that he has a serious scientific mind, however I can confirm that this list came from a conversation that we had and that HE was the one that pushed this post as a Friday post for the Vulcan’s Forge!!

As such, I am casting him as an bad guy!  I’d originally suggested to him that he’s make a perfect Severus Snape, however he pointed out that whilst his hair was the required length, it was much MUCH lighter in colour.  Therefore, Henrik fills the role of Lucius Malfoy.


Jason Isaacs or Henrik? Hard to say! From Harry Potter by Warner Bros: used under Fair Use

Jason Isaacs or Henrik? Hard to say!
From Harry Potter by Warner Bros: used under Fair Use

Without this man, there would be no VolcanoCafé!
The once self-titled Carl-Le-Strange is the founder and owner of VolcanoCafé.  Back in November of 2011, Carl opened VC with the message “Starting a new blog is an audacious and scary project.” and four years later, we are still here, albeit with a few minor changes.  Carl’s analysis of the Bardarbunga eruption was spot on, and was one of the first to publically suggest that it was heading for an eruption as early as July 2014, his eruption analysis of the Bardarbunga event was even praised by the scientists involved in Iceland.  Earlier this year in June, he repeated his feat of accurate prediction when he stated that Cotopaxi was gearing up for an eruption weeks before it actually happened.

Now in our Hogwarts scenario, what role should we give him? Headmaster? Divination??
I am going to opt for the role that Robbie Coltrane filled in the movies, Hagrid.  After all there is only one (half)Giant of VolcanoCafé.  Currently Carl is hiding under a cloak of invisibility, although it begs the question, where did he find one to fit a giant?


2002; Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets. Original Film Title: Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets, PICTURED: ROBBIE COLTRANE, Composer: John Williams, Director: Chris Columbus, IN CAST: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Richard Harris, Maggie Smith, Kenneth Branagh, Robbie Coltrane, Alan Rickman, Warwick Davis, Shirley Henderson, Miriam Margolyes, Alfred Burke, Jason Isaacs, Tom Felton Mandatory Credit: Photo by WARNER BROS. PICTURES/ZUMA Press. (©) Copyright 2002 by WARNER BROS. PICTURES.

2002; Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets. Original Film Title: Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets, PICTURED: ROBBIE COLTRANE, Composer: John Williams, Director: Chris Columbus, IN CAST: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Richard Harris, Maggie Smith, Kenneth Branagh, Robbie Coltrane, Alan Rickman, Warwick Davis, Shirley Henderson, Miriam Margolyes, Alfred Burke, Jason Isaacs, Tom Felton Mandatory Credit: Photo by WARNER BROS. PICTURES/ZUMA Press. (©) Copyright 2002 by WARNER BROS. PICTURES.


As a small addition to this post, I would like to draw everyone’s attention to the various media outlets that covered the Ioto post from last week.

In no particular order:























Have we missed any??  Let us know in the comments and we will add them 😀

 GL Note:  This is a planned “outage” and not some happenstance event that occurred without our control.  You may or may not be able to post comments on this thread, it really depends on the state of the server that the site is hosted on, and whether DNS propagation has completed.  The goal of this event is to get a more stable set-up for VC and lessen the probability of unexplained issues.

79 thoughts on “A New Home and light-hearted Friday post

  1. Nice one Hobbes! I shall…, remember it and possibly you too, muggle… 😉

    PS. Before there are any complaints about this Friday Post being published a day late – at the time of publication, it still was Friday in California, Oregon, Washington, BC and Alaska as well as in Hawaii.

    PPS. What local time might have been in Ankh-Morpork, you’ll have to ask Michael d’on’Rincewind.

  2. Thanks Hobbs! You got us to a T. Now the various volcanoes can take the roles of the baddies. Bardarbunga would be that giant spider, kept under control only by Carl Hagrid. Which volcano is Voldemort?

    • Yellingdrone of course! It keeps popping up with annoying perseverance, gets comprehensively defeated only to return. Yet it never manages to scare or convince. :mrgreen:

      • Oh, I am suitably “scared” of old yeller, but I have enough sence to stay pragmatic about it. I’m also “scared” of electricity, but know how to work with and around it.

      • Yellowstone is a poser but too old an inactive to quite fit the bill. Nothing in North America is active and dangerous enough. Mauna Loa is too good natured. Vesuvius perhaps? I might go for one of the NDVP list: Kelud.

        • Statistically speaking, it could be another 5 to 8 million years before the Hotspot is ready to poke another hole in the north American crust. Yeah, “news” twits yammer about “overdue” but you don’t make such an audacious call off of three data points.

          “Poser”… heh, I like that. 😀

          I can see old yeller doing another caldera infill eruption, but nothing fancy or stupendous.

  3. Never being the greatest of Hogwarts fans, I tend to prefer Unseen University; not so many individuals to choose from, perhaps, but Albert would certainly have the role of Ponder Stibbons, and Geolurking is a natural for the ever-practical Mustrum Ridcully

    But who to cast as Librarian? Henrik, do you like bananas?

    • No. Henrik may be bananas but that does not equate to liking them. The closest thing to me in that imagiverse might be Greebo as I have indeed eaten a vampire who tried to change its shape. I’m not having that from a mere mouse, wings or no wings. 🙂

    • GL would be the librarian. But there are other stories which would fit the VC characters. How about Moby Dick? Bardarbunga the white whale, hunted by captain Carl ‘Ahab’, as told by the outcast Henrik Ishmael.

      A midsummer night’s dream? As its says, the course of true lava never did run smooth

      After the literature, there might be possibilities in games. ‘Sim-volcano’, anyone? ‘Civilization IX: the end’?

      • Fellowship of the Ring from The Lord of the Rings? But renamed Fellowship of the Volcano of course. Carl would be Gandalf as he’s always disappearing and reappearing in a different guise. GeoLurking is Gimli and Henrik is Legolas. The rest of us can be Hobbits. Volcanoes are dragons of course and we are all searching for Mount Doom! 😀

        • Going completely OT, but as Tolkien describes it, Mount Doom/Orodruin looks like a perfectly conventional volcanic cone; about 1300m, mostly pyroclastic summit cone on a basal ‘plinth’ of its lava flows, vigorous Strombolian activity, conduit to crater becoming more ‘fissure-like’ at depth, etc etc. More realistic than might be expected from someone with Tolkien’s background – possibly modelled on Vesuvius, which was erupting at the time JRRT wrote that part of the book

          Oh, Mr Malfoy; Thanks for the identification as Rincewind :), but really I see myself as more of a CMOT Dibbler

          • I always figured sammath naur was a fissure vent – but perhaps that’s just my misreading of cracks of doom

  4. moving house will have its moments, but all good in the long run< I will be moving my abode in the next few month, before winter down under, with my menagerie it is quiet a job, also to find another place, time will tell, sometimes the hardest/easiest decision is the one made, so things should fall into place and of course a suitable internet connection is important

    • Good luck with the moves, Ursh and Volcanocafe! I’m also trying to move house – it’s a total pain so I feel for you all. 🙂

  5. You just know that something big is going to blow during the server move. Its just how my luck works.

    Anyway, how about Katla as Voldemort.
    Its a big scary volcano. And linked to one with Eyjafjallajökull, the volcano who can not be mentioned.

    • And Hekla would be Bellatrix Lestrange. One very dangerous and unpredictable lady.

      Speaking of Hekla, there was a nearby quake today. M2, 8.3km deep. Wonder if she’s preparing something for us…

  6. Enjoying this post and news. Been following more action down in NW Nevada this past two days.
    lots of concentrated, shallowish quakes. We’ll see.

    • I was looking at the reports for Sheldon, would be nice if someone stick a gps or two along with the seismos to see if there is any inflation going on. I can understand why they consider it to be tectonic, as reported “suggests normal faulting on a SE dipping structure” but the persistence is odd. There seems to be a bit of a knee in the regional faulting there though, and that might explain why the quakes confined to that area. OFC any hydrothermal or intrusive activity would also tend to follow existing faults, so as you said, we´ll see

      • There are several thermal features in the area.
        I agree they need to monitor the area more closely…
        I would say a possibility of an intrusion, also..

    • “NW Nevada”

      … remember, that’s along the Walker Lane system It accommodates about 15% of the North American Plate/Pacific plate motion. Lots of incipient transform faulting going on. (similar to the SISZ in Iceland) In it’s current form, Walker Lane is mostly a collection of Riedel shear areas.

  7. VC is just full of news this morning (my time). Very innovative post, Hobbes. I really enjoyed reading it. And all of those science and news agencies! VC really is famous! Good luck with the transfer. I have an idea for an article, but won’t have the time until after the holidays. Hopefully everything will be running as smoothly as runny lava by then. 😉

    • Looking at the pics – it looks like they cut thru an old landslide when they built that road, and the landslide has re-energized. This is also happening on a highway in TN (I forget which) – the powers that be ignored the scientists and put the road where they wanted it, cutting thru an old landslide. They keep having to repair it, now…..

      Edit: rescued from the dungeon /Hobbes

    • Like our own ‘Shivering Mountain’ in NW England (you’ll know this one, Albert) at Mam Tor

      The Sheffield Turnpike Company first constructed the A625 Manchester to Sheffield road in 1819 using spoil from the nearby Odin mine (National Trust, 2009) and the road crosses the main body of the landslide twice as it winds its way up the slope. The following 160 years saw constant repairs and reconstruction. In 1977, the landslide moved again and the road was restricted to single-lane traffic (Cripps and Hird, 1992). In 1979, the road was permanently closed to traffic and what remains today is an interesting example of landslide movement and repeated road reconstruction and repair


      • HWY 101 on Oregon’s south coast notably south of Port Orford to Gold Beach is built on a very crumbled
        Serpentine base. There is an area called Humbug Mountain that is made up of mostly of Serpentine/Olivine type rock…
        Slides happen there with regularity with no other place to put 101 that doesn’t slide..

      • Yes, I know that one and have walked along the remains of the road. Shivering hills are not be trifled with. The road didn’t stand a chance. Not too far from there (but not on Mam Tor) are the remains of a roman road. They knew better.

        I just came back from a half marathon along the welsh coast. very pretty but someone had put a big hill in the way, very inconsiderate. I should be mobile again in a few days.

  8. The Athenians crushed the Spartans in the battle of Arginusae [circa 406 B.C.], but the victory was short-lived.

    A storm stranded Athenians whose ships had been destroyed, according to the magazine. When the victorious admirals returned home, the citizens of Athens voted to execute them for failing to rescue those left behind.

    And now, researchers think they have found the island.

  9. Lovely read! Thanks Hobbes.
    Happy move VC. I keep my fingers crossed for you…. 😕

  10. Thanks for the funny post! Good luck with the move – I’ll be a-waiting. Despite the kids watching Harry Potter a lot, I cant recall much about the films but for one fact: part of Hogwarts is Durham Cathedral cloister and towers which is my old home stamping ground. I know the cathedral like the back of my hand. I went to Durham Chorister School / Durham School – the eccentric nature of both may be likely the inspiration for the fictional Hogwarts, which bears an uncanny resemblance to my old schools. I can therefore say I have, near enough, genuinely attended Hogwarts.

  11. Beardy Gaz doesn’t seem to have much luck with the timing of his posts: he posted this link (for the second time) just before the new post was put up, so I am reposting it in case it may have been missed by some who would appreciate it:
    This is a really fantastic, (almost) all in one resource for Icelandic volcanism. Thanks, BG for posting the link, and congratulations to all at IMO and FutureVolc for producing the mapping.

    And to VC: All best with the move, nothing can stand in the way of a dragon, surely.

    • Thanks for the repost am57, it’s a great resource that definitely doesn’t deserve to languish at the bottom of the post(s) – maybe a sticky Dragons?

      • Yes, definitely worth putting a link in the archives, I’d have thought. (And what a pity that so much valuable material seems to have been lost in the recent shenanigans – sympathy, and gratitude, to all who put so much work into the VC community.)

  12. Nice comparisons to Hogwarts. I wonder which volcano would be the Hungarian Horntail?

    😎 Very cool VC, to see on a couple of my emails suggesting I read about the top 10 MDE volcanoes. Of course, I had already known by reading them all here.

    Hope VC has a smooth move. 🙂

    • The Hungarian Horntail would be Ciomadul in the eastern Carpathian mountains in Transylvania. It has been asleep since 27,000 years and is listed as ‘seemingly inactive’ . It is in Rumania rather than Hungary, but dragons probably don’t obey national borders.

      • And a former ruler of Roumania carried the honorific title of ‘Dracul’ (Dragon); and is nowadays (thank you Bram Stoker) immediately associated with Transylvania. Where this Dragon lives. And is still breathing (CO2 and H2S emissions)

        • Since the name effectively means son of the dragon, shouldn’t King Arthur carry the same name? After all, he is the son of Uther Pendragon… though I guess in that tradition it would have effectively been dragonson. Granted, Pendragon just adopted the motif and never was a member of an order like Vlad II and Vlad III were.

          Re: Vlad III (aka Vlad Țepeș “the impaler”)
          “Vlad was defiant and constantly punished for his impudence. It has been suggested that his traumatic experiences among the Ottomans may have molded him into the sadistic man he grew up to be, especially in regards to his penchant for impaling.”


          • Pendragon is a title rather than a surname. It was held by Ambrosius and Maelgwyn. Uther may have been Ambrosius’ brother and took the title after him. Arthur has only recently been called Pendragon – he’s not called that in any of the early sources. It means Head Dragon.

        • The region has the highest heat flow in Rumania, and models suggest this comes from ~800C cooling magma 20km below the surface. It hasn’t fully solidified yet. A new magma injection could still re-awaken the beast. It is an interesting region: the mountains come from a past collision between Europe and Africa (the two have had intermittent territorial fights), and for some reason in this region the African plate ended up to the north and the european one to the south. you might have expected the other way around.

  13. Nishinoshima has its second birthday today, wonder what is in the future, more of the same and sometime down the track a big fat black swan and our globe will be a lot cooler for a while, should cool the hotheads in the middle east a bid,

  14. OT, Non Moonbat thing.

    Thermal Anomaly at the Great Pyramid.

    “While the anomalies on the other pyramids ranged from 0.1 to 0.5 degrees, the team found that some stones on the Great Pyramid were six degrees warmer or cooler than the stones next to them”

    could be caused by the “presence of voids beneath the surface” or the movement of “internal air currents” beneath the stone blocks

    • So the refrigerator was invented around 2820 BC which was when construction of the Great Pyramid began.

      • Dunno about that, but the chambers at the bottom of the tombs is rather comfortable in the valley of the kings… the surface, not so much.

  15. Assuming no imminent eruption anywhere, how about GL’s next rumarian to go live next?

    • Psst: This comm channel is out in the open.

      I’m okay with the Ruminarian, it was intended as a filler anyway. For the rest of the readers, this ruminarian is nothing really new, it’s a chance to re-discuss one that was already out and about.

      The topic is related to the effects of “The Big Nasty” that would be a part of any of the MDE volcanoes going poof… and is applicable to any eruption in general.

      As for the open channel, I’ve done it myself at times…. and since I posted some utter nonsense on the other channel, I can see where the confusion could arise. Since I’ve noted that, here it is for all to see. (it’s strictly OT, and is about my Homo Stultus fascination.)

      The driver later returned with a ladder to retrieve the package.


  16. Alert level raised at Awu in Indonesia. It’s a somewhat deadly volcano on an island south of the Phillippines.

  17. I see that Peru had a couple large earthquakes 7+ which were very deep. Are these very rare and do they have any possible consequences when they do occur ?. Just a thought

    • One idea is that olivine–spinel and spinel-to-oxides phase transitions cause volume changes and subduction causes these to happen at very high temperatures and pressures. And mostly unique to South America.

    • Bummer, I have a crew doing a gravity survey, Hope I don’t have to redo today’s data. They are using a CG-5 so they might not notice the accelerations in the field like they would with an old L&R.

    • Earthquakes this strong and this deep are very rare. However, this seems to be part of a recent pattern in this region. There was a similar earthquake in this area in Bolivia 20 years ago, same depth but a lot stronger (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1994_Bolivia_earthquake), and I recall an M7 last year at 150km depth closer to the ocean. Some readjustment going on. At this depth, there shouldn’t be much damage. The main risk in the area are earthquakes near the trench which can generate tsunamis, but that is far from today’s quakes.

      • I am sure I read or seen somewhere that these quakes are readjusting the land especially when there has been so much activity further south in Chile. There is quite a lot to read and digest for that area especially the olivine–spinel and spinel-to-oxides phase transitions . That is a little too much for me!

    • This is a map of earthquakes in Peru or nearby, since 1970, deeper than 300km and M6 or worse. All the listed quakes are around 600 km deep, and apart from the ones in Bolivia (around the M8 La Paz quake), tightly clustered. The list is below. You will see that the quakes often come in pairs, although not normally 5 minutes apart! Months is more common.

      time,depth,mag, place,type
      2015-11-24 611.71 7.6 210km S of Tarauaca, Brazil
      2015-11-24 600.63 7.6 169km WNW of Iberia, Peru
      2010-05-24 581.2 6.5 Acre, Brazil
      2007-07-21 644.9 6.1 Acre, Brazil
      2003-06-20 558.1 7.1 Amazonas, Brazil
      2003-04-27 559.9 6 Acre, Brazil
      2002-10-12 534.3 6.9 Acre, Brazil
      1997-11-28 586 6.7 La Paz, Bolivia
      1997-03-25 602.6 6.1 Peru-Brazil border region
      1994-11-04 591.3 6.1 Peru-Brazil border region
      1994-06-09 650 6.1 La Paz, Bolivia
      1994-06-09 631.3 8.2 La Paz, Bolivia
      1994-01-10 596 6.9 southern Peru
      1993-05-06 572.8 6.1 Acre, Brazil
      1990-10-17 598.8 7 Peru-Brazil border region
      1989-05-05 593.4 7.1 Acre, Brazil
      1986-03-26 608.5 6.3 Amazonas, Brazil
      1985-05-01 599.9 6.6 Peru-Brazil border region
      1983-06-02 598.6 6.2 Peru-Brazil border region
      1972-01-21 563.7 6.1 Amazonas, Brazil
      1972-01-12 569.1 6.4 Amazonas, Brazil

      • And another one in this series this morning, 50 km north of yesterday’s pair

  18. PNSN have tweetet about 4 EQs near Glacier Peak in the past. 4 hours (2 hrs ago)


    • Interesting, but probably nothing to take note of (at least for now).

      The good thing about Glacier Peak is that it’s pretty remote compared to other cascade volcanoes. With that said, lahars in the event of a decent sized eruption would likely go very far, especially with how large the glaciers are on top of it.

      • And just to show how lahars make a BIG difference, we can see the Lahar risk map for Glacier Peak, with lahar risk zones well over 100 kilometers from the volcano.

  19. I seem to have lost the ability to log in using the sheepdoll Id I created a few weeks ago. Is there a way to re create it or am I missing something?

    • Checking through the registered users, there is only 1 sheepdoll in our database.

      Did you perhaps register it through wordpress’ own system?

      Perhaps goto wordpress.com and try logging into it through there

      • I do not seem to be able to log in through wordpress
        On the old site I used twitter, but that name is long.

  20. Fight Club!

    The first rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club. Third rule of Fight Club: Someone yells stop, goes limp, taps out, the fight is over.

    Welcome to the land of Homo Stultus.

    What is Black Friday? Well, for most of the year, companies operate in the red, meaning that on the whole, they operate at a net loss. Black Friday is the beginning of the consumer feeding frenzy and many companies offer sales starting on the day after ThanksGiving (4th Thursday in November). It’s the greatest opportunity for a store to get their net sales position into into a profit (operating in the black rather than red ink.) I’m beginning to think that many companies are getting desperate since some of them are opening it up on Thursday evening, trying to get a jump on the competition. Personally, I’ve only attended one Black Friday sale event, it will never happen again. (It was more curiosity than anything else) I’m half tempted to venture out this evening to photograph the lines. Emphasis on half tempted. I don’t really want to deal with the traffic.


    • That is definitely something to keep an eye on as 25 – 26 km is right at the bottom of the crust. Good catch, Mike!

    • katla is a few years late ! She was due to erupt soon after Eyaf! These volcanoes just will not stick to their Schedules! 🙂

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