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Welcome to the Volcano Café bar, a place for all things on or off topic and inane ramblings. There has been a need of late to find a place better suited to various theories, long comments and enthusiasm. This page will be less moderated than the main article pages and cleared out every month (this may change depending on use).

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  1. Earthquake swarm in Hawaii, Ka’oiki fault zone, next to Kilauea. Tectonic as far as I can tell but being so close you never know. All about the same depth as Kilaueas magma chamber too, I wonder how the faults all connect there, or if this area is technically part of Kilaueas southwest rift just not recently active?

      • There are 2 tremors in the seismograms, but these come from the deep conduit southeast of Pahala, the first tremor has 2 automatic locations:

        M 2.4 – 7 km ESE of Pāhala, Hawaii
        2020-10-23 08:38:57 (UTC)19.188°N 155.411°W 52.2 km depth

        M 2.4 – 10 km SE of Pāhala, Hawaii
        2020-10-23 08:35:29 (UTC)19.131°N 155.421°W 41.1 km depth

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