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Welcome to the Volcano Café bar, a place for all things on or off topic and inane ramblings. There has been a need of late to find a place better suited to various theories, long comments and enthusiasm. This page will be less moderated than the main article pages and cleared out every month (this may change depending on use).

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    Amazing video of Tristan Da Chuna eruption 1961. That island is the last gasp, of a dying hotspot, that now erupts viscous evolved highly alkaline magmas. Good video on the 1961 growing lava dome. The volcanologists even climbed the growing trachyte coluee in this video, with glow visible between the lava blocks. Tristan maybe a typical phase when an oceanic plume dies off. The Tristan hotspot track have been decreased hugely in output over the 100 million years, when you look at the seafloor track. Soon this hotspot will be dead

    • Similar viscosity is produced by Santorinis Nea Kamenis mobile dome lavas.

      Another eruption happened offshore 2004 in Tristan Da Chuna where grey green phonolitic pumice suddenly boiled up everywhere in the coast

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