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  1. SpaceX launch and blow up apparently invisible prototype SN11 as it attempts to land, It either blew up in the air during engine re-ignition or Flight Termination System was activated.

    • Is this where we post non-volcano stuff of interest? I did post a comment at the time, we were watching it live.

  2. Is there any asteorids in the solar system that orbits the sun close enough so they are molten or have a surface thats melts into glass during close solar orbits?

    Souch objects woud over millions of years be vaporized by the suns intense light bombardment ..

    The outer parts of the Sun have a very low density ( 1/ 100 th of earths surface pressure for middle photosphere )
    And corona is much less.

    Light Radiation is what heats you up If you go close to the sun

  3. Sakurajima seems to be gradually getting more violent as time goes on.
    Can see another 1914 at some point.
    Another city built in a silly place.

    • Its a silly place but not the silliest place, when Kagoshima was built I think it was probably not so bad a location just now it is much bigger and Sakurajima is erupting all the time, it didnt do that before the 1950s I dont think. Japan is one of those places that is extremely aware of the situation but rather helpless to actually do anything about it now, its impossible to move Tokyo no matter how extreme the earthquake risk is, so building to minimise the damage is the next best thing.

      Castles in Japan were built out of wood and had a base of stones that were shaped but not set together, exactly so that earthquakes wouldnt destroy them, houses were also built out of wood that was held together by gravity, and also put of paper and cloth.

  4. Large number of earthquakes currently ongoing in Nisyros area. Always been intrigued by the Kos/Nisyros/Tilos area at the eastern end of the Aegean arc, a large batholith underlies this area. The Kos ignimbrite was also an enormous eruption 150ka, almost a VEI7. Fumaroles, geothermal activity and bradyseism are common on Nisyros island. Would be a good subject for a future article!

  5. Is Hawaii the worlds clearest ocean?
    Hawaii is so far from land and land runoff and isolated in the tropical deep sea pacific. Hawaiian waters are extremely low in nutrients its a ”watery desert”
    Visibility in Hawaii is often excellent amazing! 70 meters or more are possible.
    Its sea is a deep indigo Blue in Google Earth .. Almost nothing can grow in souch waters. North Pacific Gyre contains very few plankton and almost No nutrients.

    Coral Reefs make their own nutrients from sunlight and is one of very few animal life that can grow in souch clear Blue oceanic deserts.

    Perhaps Chad knows If there are any even clearer spots in the pacific?

    I also know that Sargasso – sea haves Some super clear blue oceanic desert spots .. thats devoid of plankton

    Its the Subtropical Oceanic Gyres at around lat 18 to 33 that contains the worlds clearest .. bluest and least fertile waters .. But exactly where the worlds clearest ocean water? is .. I dont know

    • I swimmed many times in Kailua Kona .. offshore from boat a mile out .. 75 meters visibilty is not uncommon there .. lack of plankton growth in water

      Perhaps this is as Clear as a tropical deep sea ocean can be?

      Satelite imagery plankton in Hawaii is very very low concentrations

    • Molokini Crater haves some very Clear water indeed! But I think offshore kona coud be clearer

    • Sargasso Sea is also known to be one of the worlds clearest oceans

      But exactly Whats the worlds clearest ocean I dont know

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