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Volcanocafé is all about the sharing of information and thoughts as collectively, we know far more than even the most erudite. But in order to do so, we have to obey certain rules or guidelines, netiquette in short:

  1. The most important one – Be nice! Remember that while most understand English, the finer nuances are only apparent to native speakers so show tolerance! Any personal attacks on other users, spreading conspiracy theories or inappropriate content (younger viewers read this blog) will be dealt with accordingly – a warning may be issued first, depending on severity, before a permanent ban from the site.

  2. Posting a comment – you can do so by using your name & email address or logging in with your WP account.

  3. Anyone posting spam such as commercial adverts or inappropriate links will be warned and then permanently banned, depending on the adherence to the warning or the content. Also, sensationalism is strongly discouraged.

  4. When you post images and links, please credit the originator! While many organisations and individuals are fine with sharing their work and information, it’s only common decency to credit them.

  5. Thou shalt not Waffle. This means that you should not forever harp on a subject while completely disregarding whatever the comment, post or article subject is. This rule will be used quite sparingly since we are not technically against moderate off-topic discussions. In other words, this is a troll-killer rule. Do not troll and you are quite safe. Please visit the VC Bar if you want to go off-topic and mumble into your empty glass 😉

  6. Moderation. If a user is in breach of our guidelines, the offending section will be moderated. Any discussion on moderation issues is to be done via email, NOT on the blog!

List of Administrators (Dragons)

Carl (owner)

Albert, Beardy Gaz, Geolurking, Lughduniense (Xana), Tommy (Tam)

Sissel: Eternal Dragon, forever missed, forever watching us from the Skies of the Dragons.

How to post images

We seem to have managed to sort it so just entering the url to the image should work, but please! Try and post images in the jpg format! Other formats such as png take up to ten to fifteen times as much space which affects loading times for people accessing the site on their iPhones!

How to use smileys
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