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This page contains useful links and graphics for the current notable event.

Iceland – Grindavik Locale


Map showing the locations of webcams in the vicinity of the current activity and the direction of view. Map by Tor Hogne.

Links to the cameras:

2. Langihryggur, 5. Thorbjørn (South), 6. Reykjanesviti (multicam):

Additional webcams (not yet included on the map above)

Fagradalsfjall (showing Grindavik, alternative view)

Langihryggur (single view – see cam 2 on the map)



IMO – 4 Hour – (Grindavik)

IMO – 4 Hour – (Thorbjorn)

IMO – 8 Hour Plot Page (Multiple RP Locations)

IMO – GPS Time Series


IMO Quake Map (filterable by date, area, magnitude, depth):

IMO Tremor Plot:

IMO Grindavik (GRV) Low-Pass Drumplot:

IMO Grindavik (GRV) High-Pass Drumplot:

Iceland Quake Map (realtime-ish updates, embeded drumplots and tremor plots):

Rasberry Pi Live Feed (Near Vogar):

Rasberry Pi Live Feed (East of the Krisuvik system):

ETH Zurich DAS Live Feed:

Earthquakes at Svartsengi/Grindavík – Live data from Melhóll seismic station (at Hagafell):

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