Ongoing Events

This page contains useful links and graphics for the current notable event.

The following is for cameras, with a Thorbjorn focus

March 2024 cams, MBL

RUV operates several camera:

March 2024 cams, RUV

Live from Iceland has some feeds

March 2024 cams, livefromiceland

The list below was for the earlier eruptions

Iceland – Grindavik Locale


Map showing the locations of webcams in the vicinity of the current activity and the direction of view. Map by Tor Hogne.

RUV camera on the Grindavik eruption

Links to the cameras:

2. Langihryggur, 5. Thorbjørn (South), 6. Reykjanesviti (multicam):

Additional webcams (not yet included on the map above)

Fagradalsfjall (showing Grindavik, alternative view)

Langihryggur (single view – see cam 2 on the map)



IMO – 4 Hour – (Grindavik)

IMO – 4 Hour – (Thorbjorn)

IMO – 8 Hour Plot Page (Multiple RP Locations)

IMO – GPS Time Series


IMO Quake Map (filterable by date, area, magnitude, depth):

IMO Tremor Plot:

IMO Grindavik (GRV) Low-Pass Drumplot:

IMO Grindavik (GRV) High-Pass Drumplot:

Iceland Quake Map (realtime-ish updates, embeded drumplots and tremor plots):

Rasberry Pi Live Feed (Near Vogar):

Rasberry Pi Live Feed (East of the Krisuvik system):

ETH Zurich DAS Live Feed:

Earthquakes at Svartsengi/Grindavík – Live data from Melhóll seismic station (at Hagafell):

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