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Welcome to the Volcano Café bar, a place for all things on or off topic and inane ramblings. There has been a need of late to find a place better suited to various theories, long comments and enthusiasm. This page will be less moderated than the main article pages and cleared out every month (this may change depending on use).

Have fun and don’t forget to tip the barman 😉

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  1. One EQ question.
    I am looking on Raspberryshake stations site. They have 2 live streaming:
    – M/S
    – Frequency Hz (between 0-50)
    How can I read data that I sort eq from other noises.
    At the moment Iooking R93E9 (Croatia) and RCF63 (Slovenija)

    Happy holidays to all of you. And many thanks for all your writing.

  2. Tnx.
    Do you maybe know some similar chat about EQ?
    I really want to learn read this data.
    Now I have oportunity because seismic activity is a little bit higer.

  3. The Swiss Matterhorn is swinging!

    Uh, it is headbanging afew micrometers every two seconds…. 😄

    A nice illusrtation in the article here:

    Most intriguing is how it sounds!
    Speed is 80x.

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