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      • heard You have bad weather as in tornadoes/ts etc… How are You?? Always check on the panhandle. 🙂 Best!motsfo

      • Astonishingly to me. Nothing.

        Spent most of the day fretting tornadic activity in Mississippi and second guessing the weather channel and sending updates to one of my cousins there.

        Was quite amused at two weather apps predicted a thunderstorms here at 23:00 and noted that not a thing on Nexrad could do it… so I went and grabbed a Reuben at a local sammich shop.

        Ate my sammich, finished my beer and went to sleep.

        Noted this morning that the festivities were past me and headed for Tallahassee. Let the dogs out, picked up my lawn chair and made grits.

        Other than that. Nothing.

  1. Carl Thank you for finding this kistufell link!

    Iceland plume is probaly just as hot as Hawaii
    Around 1500 C deep down in the upper astenosphere
    Vatnajökull arera is toasty as heck

    Kistufell lavas erupted at 1240 C and was stoored
    in a 1270 C crustal magma chamber.
    Deeper down in the astenosphere its much hotter.
    1240 C eruption temperature is really really hot

    ” Kistufell (64°48′N, 17°13′W), a monogenetic table mountain situated directly above the inferred locus of the
    Iceland mantle plume. Kistufell is composed of the most primitive olivine tholeiitic glasses found in central Iceland (MgO 10·56 wt %, olivine Fo89·7). The glasses are interpreted as near-primary, high-degree plume melts derived from a heterogeneous mantle source. Mineral, glass and bulk-rock (glass + minerals) chemistry indicates a low average melting pressure (15 kbar), high initial crystallization pressures and temperatures (10–15 kbar and 1270°C), and eruption temperatures (1240°C) that are among the highest observed in Iceland. ”


  2. Mostly aimed at Albert, but any answers welcomed – conceived as a result of a question from the facebook group – I am now left wondering what makes ‘cryovolcanism’ count as ‘cryo’ and would water erupting (and forming ice) onto an icy area of earth count – how cold would it have to be – is there a definition ??

    • There isn’t a strong definition but it is defined as a type of volcanism that does not involve molten rock. ”Cryo’ means frost, and it typically describes a volcanic slurry – part liquid, part frozen. It should involve something that is an important part of the whatever the body is made of. Water on Earth hardly counts as it is a minute part of the crust. Otherwise you could describe any oil well as a volcano. Cryovolcanoes form on so-called ‘icy bodies’, which are for a large part made of water ice and other ices mixed in. Typical temperatures are below 200 K. They operate a bit different from Earth volcanoes, because liquid water tends not to rise up: it is denser than frozen water. You need to mix it with something. They can be explosive: the geysers of Enceladus (an icy body) count as cryo-volcanoes.

      • I know I seem contrary here 🙂

        I know what cryovolcanism is (or at least I think I do) – but In my head I just substitute ‘water ice’ or ‘methane ice’ (or a mix or similar) for ‘solid rock’ and change the temperature scales and look at the liquidus/solidus boundary and constraining pressures. I think the liquid ‘cryo magma’ needs to have the option to erupt and become ‘cryo lava’ and ‘cryo tephra’ etc

        So the problem I get (in my head) is trying to work out why I couldn’t call ‘solid rock’ something like ‘silica ice’ at some temperature range.
        or perhaps why ‘frozen methane/water mix’ doesn’t count as some sort of ‘crystalline rock’ if we’re on a planet with a ‘room’ temperature of 200K

        and then at what point do I say cryo volcanism does/doesn’t involve molten ‘rock’?

        sorry for being a bit of a pedant – I’m just trying to get my head around a firm definition 🙂

    • Do yo have another link to the gif? The twitter version doesn’t work well on my browser and twitter won’t let me download the original

      • I’m sorry this is the only ‘proper’ GIF link that I posted so far. I’m not sure if you use Facebook but I’ve posted the GIF on my page (4 posts down) if that’s any help.

        (I extracted it from ‘’ – there is a downloadable link below the image).

        Maybe I could post the GIF or separate PNG files on here like you did for your other images above, but I’m not sure how to do this.


    The Novel Coronavirus, 2019-nCoV, is Highly Contagious and More Infectious Than Initially Estimated

    Authors: Steven Sanche, YenTing Lin, Chonggang Xu, Ethan Romero-Severson , Nick Hengartner, Ruian Ke

    Los Alamos National Laboratory

    R0 value is likely to be between 4.7 and 6.6. We further show that quarantine and contact tracing of symptomatic individuals alone may not be effective and early, strong control measures are needed to stop transmission of the virus

  4. OT
    Delta celebrated profit sharing day by painting “Thank You” on one of its a321 planes. Thanking their customers and 90,000 employees that made it happen. The employees received an approx. 16% or around 2 months of wages of profit sharing (before the gov. gets its take).

    The thank you is imaged using the names of all 90,000 employees, I wished my wife luck finding her’s.

    disclosure, I am ex Delta and my wife is currently employed there.

    “Delta Air Lines employees will have more than a billion dollars to keep them warm on Valentine’s Day.

    The Atlanta-based airline is paying each of its 90,000 employees a profit-sharing bonus of about two months’ salary on Friday, Chief Executive Officer Ed Bastian said at a Cobb Chamber of Commerce event last month. The company-wide payout will total $1.6 billion.

    This is not the first time Delta, which was ranked the No. 1 airline in the United States by the Wall Street Journal, has given its employees a big bonus. The carrier paid $1.3 billion in bonuses last year and $1.1 billion in each of the two years before that.”

    Now if I could figure out Pahala!

    Happy VD day

  5. Observations on swarm near Pahala

    I have been looking at the activity near Pahala and had some observations. The overlays i have placed on Google earth are KML files from USGS and are the last 5 weeks of activity with magnitude 2+ in the area. The shallow range I choose was 25-34km and the deep was 35-50 km. The observation is that the deep quakes occur more often on the west side of the swarm and the shallow are east and getting shallower?. If you use the open street map on the HVO site you will also see a fault in the area.

    I first thought that maybe different dikes or sills were feeding each system from different depths, gave up on that. Then I thought I could see a lot of moment of the swarm to the east. Then I looked at 5 weeks in June and July last year and there were quakes back then on the east most section of the swarm, gave up on that.

    So it is back to being a swarm of quakes.

    Pahala 5 weeks 35km or greater depth

    Pahala 5 weeks 25-34km

    5 weeks 20-50km

    5 weeks June July 2019


  6. Europe under full glacial conditions
    30 000 years ago low CO2 levels

    Extremely cold and extremely dry over all of Europe.
    Much of Europe became frozen tundra
    and all forests simply vanished in the dry cold climate.
    In Northen Europe temperature was similar to Antartica winter. And much of central and east europe. was as cold as Siberia is today in winter in its coldest parts.

    South Europe was hit very severely too with arctic conditions in winter reaching down into South Spain where mammoth and reindeer remains been found.

    But the Saale glaciation before the Eemian was even more severe than LGM

  7. I thought my frustrations with the columbian and ecuadorian geological surveys had peaked but Chiles- Cerro negro has seen a substantial increase of long period earthquakes and a deformation anomaly on the northern side of Chiles were the long period earthquakes are taking place. Just 2 teensy issues.

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