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    • The active part of the lake is rising again now that it is smaller in area, up a few meters from yesterday to 194 meters deep. I would guess the dome fountain was because the outlet of the tube was submerged only a small distance, but now that outlet is deeper with the lake rise and the extra pressure is easier to erupt out the top of the cone.

      For a sustained eruption at this point the eruption rate is pretty high and there has been no overall deflation since the end of the year. The supply must be higher than it was before 2018, in the same range as the activity in the early 19th century.

      I do hope we see a high fountaining eruption, something like the golden pumice. Jesper has asked what the 2011 eruption of Grimsvotn would look like without ice… 🙂

  1. Media was saying the Caribbean was getting active, anyone know what’s actually happening

    • Its not really, pretty normal. It is probably because of the notoriety of what happened in 1902 that is why the area is getting attention. Having Pelee and St Vincent at elevated alert, and then one of them erupting, is better than the average volcano title, even if in all likelyhood this eruption will be harmless. A future eruption at Pelee will never be as bad as it was in 1902, St Pierre is much smaller today and no doubt will be evacuated at onset of eruption.

  2. Wow Everest mountain complex summit is almost 9000 meters above sealevel. Thats why the oxygen is so low there.. infact the mountain haves the infamous ”death zone” humans are not evolved for being at jet heights

    Umm Everest is getting crowded .. during the climbing season dozens a day try for it. Climbing as high as the jetliners fly. Taking on Mount Everest is among the most dangerous pursuits in the world! Human beings aren’t evolved to function at the cruising altitude of a 747. The mountain is getting crowded by waste, dead bodies and leftovers and tons of excremenent and food scraps. I knows that 11 persons died in 2019 climbing season.

    How long woud it take for me to die,
    IF I was left without oxygen at the summit and not – acclimatized?

    Strangely some birds haves no problems at flying at 11 000 meters

    • Woud not supprise me at all if Himalayas will get up to 10 000 meters in the geological future and there certainly been taller mountain ranges than Everest in the geological past of the Earth

    • Birds have more efficient lungs, their respiratory system goes through their bones too, and this was the case of all bird line archosaurs. This respiratory and skeletal system is something that mammals have not yet been able to replicate despite true mammals first evolving at a similar time to dinosaurs and therapsids that were very similar to mammals existing since the mid Permian.

      There is a trade off to this though, birds are highly sensitive to atmospheric toxins, all of those tropicbirds flying above Halemaumau are dancing with death.

    • Everest is rapidly becomming unsanitary…because of climbing becomming common. the cold temperatures prevents microbial breakdown of dead bodies and human excrement.. everything is in deep freeze, with bacteria inactive.

      I read that 20 000 kilos of frozen poop was removed from Everest very recently : ) the crew describes the weight like two very large Savannah elephants. And enormous ammounts of other waste too.

      The mountain is full of corpses too from fallen climbers .. they sleep and never wakes up. Most have never been brought down … they will be frozen for millions of years.. no decomposition.

      • I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if Everest ended up being declared completely off-limits to climbers in the near future by both Nepal and China (remember Everest straddles the Nepali-Chinese border).

        I know there are a number of peaks in the Himalayas there are totally off-limits. This is especially true in Nepal’s neighbour, Bhutan, where all peaks above 6,000 m (~19,680 ft) are off-limits according to the government. But this is due to spiritual/holy beliefs rather than environmental reasons.

      • The frozen corpse of
        ”green boots”
        He is frozen for ethernity in perfect flesh condition.
        His gut bacteria is frozen so he cannot decompose. He is a major landmark on an Everest hike. 100 persons every year see him and 10 persons a year goes the same fate. In 1996 ”Green Boots” died on Everest. The thin air robs your brain of oxygen and you shuts down…

        you may never wake up or be able to walk if you gets tired at the summit

      • When you die .. your intestine bacteria instantly start to break you down.. when immune system de – activates.. goes very quickly, your body feast for your own bacteria.. and you are very quickly recycled back to nature

        But on Mount Everest in that cold.. all your cells and bacteria are frozen and inactive.. and decomposition cannot happen in the body. Everest victims are preserved in cold storage for a very very long time indeed..

  3. Hmm, I don’t know about that, as long as Earth continues to undergo its current period of glaciation, which could last for at least 15-20 million years from now.

    But the Himalayas could have been even higher than today during the early to mid-Miocene (21-14 Mya), during the Early Miocene warm period, before glaciation began intensifying about 8 Mya. The highest peaks could have been up to at least 35,000, or even over 40,000 feet high (~9145-12192 m) during that time! Whoa!

    • I don’t know what on earth this is doing here. This was supposed to be a reply to Jesper Sandberg’s comment on the Himalayas getting higher in the future:

      Woud not supprise me at all if Himalayas will get up to 10 000 meters in the geological future and there certainly been taller mountain ranges than Everest in the geological past of the Earth

    • Better to close off Everest competely.. tens of tons of human waste there that needs to be removed! it accumulating over the decades… as JS say

      • Right .. there is so much crap buried in the snow there, that you cannot set up a base camp without sleeping on others waste. Tons of it around all mountain camps, luckly its all frozen but still a major biological hazard.

        Around 66 tons of it maybe around the mountain camps, buried in the snows before the major cleanups began.

        Everest is also full of gabrage and trash and food scraps and plastic waste.. because of
        ”distasteful humans”

        But luckly the crews there are doing a fantastic job of cleaning up Everest, many tens of tons of waste and trash, been carried off the mountain since 2019 I think.

  4. At a glance, I know some of this is false but I call upon you for some aid, recently the Nation of Islam has made lecture concerning the new covid 19 vaccine. I couldn’t care less what is thought of new vaccine but there are some bold claims in this lecture that haven’t been substantiated with sources. I would like some help debunking some of it as it grows in popularity.
    Some (A lot) will it find offensive so gear up!

      • Is there a transcript ?
        The scrap I watched before my wits went ’tilt’ totally matched the wilder notions our media’s been debunking almost daily…

        • Unfortunately there isn’t any transcript as far as I know, so it might be better to take the lecture in smaller pieces. I have built up a high tolerance for this level of unsubstantiated and crazy statements.

      • Can’t speak for each vaccine but given the amount of medical professionals involved in creating and administering it (and i’m assuming people have deconstructed it) if it did have anything nefarious in it such as a viral vector (or a tracker – I mean come on, you’ve got a phone) I would think it would have been detected.
        Not sure why it would be likely to cause harm to black people in particular or how that would work, there’s very few physiological differences between white and black people save for melanin in skin and genetic adaptations to our ancestors environments. (Hope I am using the right terms here – please correct me if not)
        If the vaccine included something that only harmed poor people then it might be more believable.

        • Aside from several infamous, well documented medical ‘oops’, there’s been some ‘false flag’ stuff.

          The MMR vaccine is a horrible example. IIRC, the ‘autism’ scare’s starter had undisclosed links with a company making the individual vaccines, stood to earn a lot of money.

          IIRC, the CIA’s hunt for a certain well-known villain across the Tribal regions of Pakistan used genuine health care provision as a way to do genetic sampling, trace kin-links…
          To put it politely, that rather fouled the well…

          Beyond that, there’s the problem with faith-based authority figures feeling undercut, or having an exceedingly narrow world-view. IS and other ‘fundamentalist’ sects are grim examples. IIRC, they see their people as Male = Warriors and Female = Baby machines. ‘Full Quiver’ evangelists complete the full arc of such aberrant ‘horseshoe’ geometry. Neither extreme grouping welcome technology, education or even health-care beyond the minimal. Except, of course, for ‘cadre’…

          Given the number of people who cling to notions such as ‘Moon Landings Were Faked’, ‘Flat Earth’, chemtrails, the mind-blowing qanon conspiracy bundle, now augmented by the vocal ‘WE WUZ ROBBBBBED’ crowd, is no wonder many people trust no-one outside their chosen echo chamber.

          The snag with teaching people to apply scientific thought processes to an issue is it may unleash an avalanche of falsification upon so much else…

  5. A magnitude 4 quake down in the mantle under Hawaii, part of the Pahala swarm. It shook up the tiltmeter at HVO, which usually only quakes much closer to the caldera can do…

    What looked like a DI event has also transitioned directly into continuous inflation, and the eruption is still sustained low fountaining with an open channel, the lake is about 200 meters deep now.

      • It is interesting how many of these lakes form islands, though probably none of them have the backstory that the main island in todays lake does.

        Lava lake is 200 meters deep now, the pressure at the bottom is like being 700 meters underwater. There was inflation at the JOKA station early last year so magma can flow freely that far, how much pressure is needed to force magma up to the surface from there?
        At current Pu’u O’o is not pressurised so there doesnt seem to be any imminent ERZ event but the summit inflation is ongoing, this might change on short notice. The tilt is still showing inflation.

  6. Interesting little swarm in the eastern part of South Iceland Seismic Zone, just west of Hekla. This is one of the places where it has been suggested that the next M6-7 might happen (another place is west of Hengill, in the other end of the SISZ). The earthquakes in 2000 and 2008 only released about half the strain built up since the last large earthquake sequence in 1896-1912, so there is potential for more large quakes in the near future.

    • Will be interesting to see if this triggers an eruption along the fissure swarm like in 1913.

      I have been trying to map out all of the basaltic vents in the Hekla area and their age, theres not a lot of data and most have margins of error that will make you pause and look twice, but it does at least seem like the hard shutdown during the historic period is not actually a thing, most prehistoric eruptions were also small and there have been at least 5 fissure swarm eruptions since 1104, and a 6th in the century before that.
      Some of the bigger mid Holocene eruptions also happened from the same fissure Hekla has formed on and their vent is likely buried by it, so it is pretty much impossible that Hekla isnt connected to the basaltic volcanism at depth. Its different magma must be coming from a second source that is flowing into the area from the north and overriding the local source, and which has probably increased over time to the present. I would take a guess that if Hekla erupted long enough it would eventually erupt the same basalt as the rest of the fissure swarm, but an eruption that big is probably not possible today so we are left to wonder…

      This area is my number two pick of the next big effusive eruption this century too so best keep watching 🙂

  7. Currently reading up on double divergent subduction, like that of the Molucca Sea. A rare and strange situation where subduction is occuring on both sides and an arc-collision is inevitable. This is also happening to the Adriatic plate but there isn’t a great deal of volcanism on the Croatian side.

    Here’s the ramifications for magma production:
    Partial melting of mantle generate mafic dyke intrusion. Because the mantle is the primary source, these dykes record isotopic characteristics of the depleted mantle in which the 87Sr/86Sr ratio is near 0.703 and samarium-neodymium dating is positive.[2] On the other hand, partial melting of the lower crust (accretionary complex) leads to S-type granitoid intrusions with enriched aluminium oxide throughout the evolution of divergent double subduction.[2][6]

    When the oceanic plate detaches from the overlying crust, intense decompressional melting of mantle is induced. Large amount of hot basaltic magma intrude and melt the crust which generate rhyolitic melt.[6][2] This results in alternating eruption of basaltic and rhyolitic lava.

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