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Welcome to the Volcano Café bar, a place for all things on or off topic and inane ramblings. There has been a need of late to find a place better suited to various theories, long comments and enthusiasm. This page will be less moderated than the main article pages and cleared out every month (this may change depending on use).

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  1. When there’s no running lava to watch there’s always water. RÚV has set up a livestream for the ongoing jökulhlaup. It shows the old bridge over Eldvatn. Note that the road over the bridge is not the ring road but Skaftártunguvegur. It’s located right next to the ring road, but the river makes a turn here and the ring road crosses it further downstream. The peak flow is expected on Wednesday or early Thursday.

    • Yeah, the Wuhan area was a known ‘hot-spot’ for zoonotics. Makes sense to put a surveillance lab there.

      Of course, if they’re not allowed to talk with local medics, who are not allowed to notice admission ‘spikes’ because it makes local politicians look bad, you have a disaster in the making…

      FWIW, that Wuhan doc who blew whistle on local out-break, was publicly shamed and forced to ‘recant’ by local authorities, cleared and given a medal by Peking –You could not make it up !! Well, now he’s safely dead, he’s been ‘lost’ from the official Covid history as gloriously depicted in new Wuhan museum…

  2. Nice video comparing the water level between when the camera was set up with the water level during the peak flow. Note that the reference level in the video is higher than normal, because when the camera was set up the flow rate remained elevated after the hlaup from the western cauldron.

    • Congrats! A verry intriguing article. I recognise your investigative way of working in your articles here at Volcanocafe as well. Like!

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