Volcanocafé has been stolen

"I have become Bozo, Destroyer of Worlds" With humor and intelligence we will prevail!

“I have become Bozo, Destroyer of Worlds” With humor and intelligence we will prevail!

Hello all!

It is with a heavy heart I have to say that Volcanocafé has been stolen.
All of the current administrators have been kicked out and content is being deleted from there.
We are frantically trying to restore things and save everything from back ups that we have.
Sadly any comments from the deleted articles are lost, and the comments from our beloved commentators are the heart and soul of Volcanocafé.
We know who has done this, and we are going forward with a lawsuit against that person for theft and destruction of intellectual property.

We the owners of Volcanocafé are heart broken, but strong in our belief in what we are doing due to our wonderful readers and commentators.

Kindest Regards from
Carl (who wrote this sad note), Henrik, Albert, Lugh, Sissel, Tommy, Diana, Nick & Lurking (all admins and owners of the place)

206 thoughts on “Volcanocafé has been stolen

  1. Seems like the sense of humors has invaded the technicians for the new site. I seem to be named Godot in here.
    Well, I am Carl.

  2. Sadly our commentators will need to create new accounts. This is for your safety.

    • My first attempt to register’s confirmation email disappeared into the ether, but when I tried to register again through a less quirky email address, it said my original username choice was already a registered user. My 2nd attemp’s email landed pretty swiftly in my Spam folder..but hey..it went through and I’m here….for better or worse.. 😉

      Thanks for getting the new site up and running so quick. I may not be much of a regular poster, but I read the heck out of the articles.

      Also, best of luck to you prosecuting the bejimmies out of the perpetrator who hijacked the old site.

  3. As soon as I’m back from work later today (Friday), I will re-post the topics destroyed. In the meantime, please enjoy the content under “About Volcanocafé” and “Basic Volcanology”.

    Now is also a good time for new ideas and wishes about the direction you, our readers, want us to take. 🙂

    • Henrik is correct.
      Let us see this as an opportunity to reinvent Volcanocafé into something even better.
      And do not worry, our articles will continue to be published in a timely fashion (sort of since we will be busy rebuilding).

  4. Sorry about what happened, thanks for setting this up so quickly.

    • You are welcome!
      And this would make you our inaugural commentator!

  5. Good luck with the reboot. Why would someone do such a malicious thing? It beggars belief .

  6. Good Lord, I haven’t used this password in forever.

    Half the friken day dealing with a machine that won’t properly establish it’s credentials to the server, dealing with Pedro’s broken English while the local county Tax Assessor is busy flirting with his clerks in the background. Pedro is not well liked by the various users, but he is quite proficient and just tends to talk fast and use IT jargon. Users hate that. I don’t remember much from my two semesters of Spanish, but I can at least understand the accent… as long as I can hear what he says with out distractions. Giggling girls in the background doesn’t help.

    Carl! You hijacked my Bozo! (no biggie, use it in mirth)

    • I got word of something being up at 70 mph while dodging a tractor trailer. Had to wait until I go here to check, no joy. Stiff middle finger and all. I should have known something was wrong with today. While I was getting ready to head out, grandkid called and was lamenting that his Girl Friend had left for Georgia for the weekend and he was without cash. Put him to work on my hedges and then headed out. I grabbed some cash from the ATM so my wife could pay him when he got done, and the thing went into Window 7 shutdown before it printed my receipt. On top of that, I turned 54 at 9 am local time.

      • Well, I wonder if the culprit deleted herself as an admin after whacking all of Henriks posts?
        After all, why else would our comments in there be left alone?

      • Wouldn’t be the first time that a miscreant got overzealous. That tends to happen quite a lot. I attribute it to succumbing to the adrenaline rush and getting sloppy.

        • I think this is a case of the certain miscreant having imbibed a lot of liquid courage before doing this. I think that the hangover will be letting up at about the same time the subpoena arrives in the mail to the certain individuals workplace…

          • Glad it ain’t me. It would be hell to be pulled over by FHP and handed a summons instead of a traffic ticket. Aw hell, who am I kidding? They would just cuff and stuff you and call it a day.

            On a stupid note. The local “Community Redevelopment Board” for Pensacola is in charge of parking tickets in the city. They have been known to cite the Sheriff’s Department Process server for illegal parking… while they are out of the vehicle serving a summons.

            I for one, am eagerly awaiting our next Hurricane. They moved the sewage plant, so this time Pensacola will only smell of dead fish for three months rather than the dead fish and feces like the last time.

      • BTW, those “hedges” aren’t really hedges. They are more akin to fast growing jungle undergrowth that are just slightly slower than kudzu. I let them grow a bit in order to act as natural cover between me and the neighbor’s pool. (Eventually, his granddaughters are going to blossom, and I don’t want to see that. Bad form to eye a neighbor’s offspring)

      • Oh!
        Congrats Lurking, may you have something nice to drink tonight!

        • I wish. Wife is on this “you are trying to kill yourself” rant when I go near alcohol. I ran out of Vodka a week ago, and only have whiskey available… an unopened bottle so she will know if I touch it.

          The irritating bit is that it is a premium 8 year aged black label.

          BTW, Abolut is probably one of the best Vodkas I have encountered.

  7. Really sorry to hear about what happened to the previous site.

    • Not really unexpected. Preps were in the works already.

  8. I finally got in, too. Somehow wordpress lost my account? Anyway, I’m glad you’re back as I enjoy this blog and have learned a lot from it.

    • fran, you aren’t the only one. I gained quite a bit of knowledge while researching what to plot.

  9. Thank you. All the best to you in your new house. I will continue to read with great interest. Are you guys still called Dragons?

    • I think we generaly elected to drop that moniker a while ago.
      And it is not our house realy, it has always been the house of our slightly nutty commentators, we just maintain the living room at the café.

      • OK. I missed that. Well, congrats to your team for a nice job.

    • As long as you don’t call me late for dinner, I’ll answer to almost anything.

  10. BTW, if you need me to resend the couple of articles I wrote, I can – one on Reunion and one on types of volcanic eruptions…..

    • IIRC, the second was going to be posted under Volcanology Basics at one point….

      • We will try to get everything over as soon as possible. We think we have most of things backuped, and it also seems like the deletion of articles stoped quickly.
        Our current guess is that the culprit either fell into drunken stupor or plain died from being a pompous jackass.

  11. Happy Birthday, GeoLurking. You are way younger than I expected! With all those army and navy stories, I was seeing you more like a WWII Veteran, although the tech savviness precludes such a conclusion.

    • My only army experience is getting one of the grandkids through high school graduation after his mom turned out to be nothing more than the dregs of society. His step-dad is my step-son, and when his mom pulled her stunt, I stepped in and covered the cost of the graduation accouterments. He cheerfully joined the US Army and got some pretty decent training in Diesel mechanics before they threw him out. He happened to be in the service at a time when the US decided to downsize as fast as possible. At least he came out with a good skill set… though technically, he made me a great grand dad. I laughed my arse off at that. See, one thing that his mom can’t quite handle is that she is now a grandmother, no matter how you slice it. Serves her right, the way she acted.

      As for sea-stories, well, I did to 20 years in the USN… I was in the last bit of the “cold war” Navy. The idea then was that we train for a “blue water” engagement. I’m not that sure that we could pull that off if it ever came to pass now. If it happens, it’s gonna be a grand mess all the way around.

      Caveat: Retired Navy. My only experience is from studying threat and engagement sequences on an almost daily basis while at sea… also was a fully qualified CIC Watch Officer prior to retiring. (and Combat Systems Training Team member…)

      • Well, all of that make for pretty entertainment stories. I am an avid fan of yours.

      • Of an old squid? Well, thank you for listening. 😀

        Warning: Sea Story.

        While doing FON Ops (Freedom of Navigation Operations) we were tasked with steaming between Taiwan and China. My task during this transit was to seek out and log every damn weapons radar I could find. While doing this, our Weapons Officer (a young lieutenant) strolled through my shop. (a space right off of combat that lead to the captain’s at sea stateroom and the three man stateroom where they kept several junior officers.) He was pretty gung-ho, and a bit high strung. He asked me what I was looking at. (the audio from the radar makes various tones as it scans around looking for stuff) I told him “A Gun-Fire control system.” (which is what it looked like), he responded “Oh, what’s it doing?” I told him flat out. “Looking at us” I thought he was nearly going to drop a load at that news. He actually jumped back a bit.

        I’m not gonna state names. He probably is still on active duty.

        • The passageway that lead past the Three man stateroom and the CO’s cabin lead to the back door of Combat. Upon entering that door, you were in my shop where my sensor gear was operated from. The responsibility for keeping that passageway spic and span was ours. One of the EWs took it upon themselves to layer in a fine sheen of “wax, metal” on the freshly waxed tiles. It made the deck ultra shiny, but it had the traction of wet ice. One of the JOs, in a hurry to get back to his stateroom for what ever reason JOs get excited over (probably a late report that was due) hit that waxed deck and slid 6 feet down past his door and into the metal shroud over the SPS-52 waveguide at the turn. We got our arses seriously chewed out over that stunt. “Too Shiny” was what we were told. It seems that the leather soles on their shoes essentially gave them the grip of ice skates on that stuff.

          Yeah, it’s hard to breath, but this guy is happier than a pig in shit at this moment in time.

          ” alt=”” />

  12. Anyways, anything much happen in the way of volcanoes in the past two days? I went down to Las Vegas with my dad on his final trip with Greyhound. After 37 years of driving for them, he’s hung it up. Oh and we were supposed to be home yesterday, but the 2014 Camaro we rented in Las Vegas decided to break down when we stopped for dinner at a truck stop in Utah. So the car rental company had to bring in another rental all the way from Las Vegas, which is about 200 miles from where we were and we had to take a taxi 20 miles to the nearest hotel.

    • I hope the replacement had the ponies to live up to what you had.

      I had a line on a 70 1/2 Z-28 body once. I was gonna build my dream ride but it never panned out. The goal was to put a built up 327 in it with some fat rubber to get traction. “Luckily” common sense said otherwise.

      Now I’m quite happy with what is essentially a rolling toolbox with good mileage. (about 4 times what the Z-28 would have gotten)

      ” alt=”” />

      • The first one was a hardtop, but the second one they gave us was a convertable. Perhaps their way of apologizing?

        • Could be, if you know how to read companies… If they usually charge more for that version, definitely. If not, then they are just trying to overcome a potentially bad PR issue.

          The last vehicle I rented is sort of what pushed me over the edge to get a van. All they had available at the time was one, and I became enamored with just how handy one was. Until then, I swore by my light pickup, but with the way Florida produces rain, you have to keep a really close eye on the weather if you are hauling equipment. Now if it gets really bad, I just find a safe place to park and take a nap or listen to the radio at obnoxious volume levels.

  13. Well damn. This aint much of a birthday gift for you Geo, now is it? Happy Birthday btw. 🙂

    Generally, it seems that so far I am the only one with the old nickname? Besides the admins.

  14. Thank you Carl, I am just a lurker and an avid reader of this site for the last year and half. Sorry to read about the all the trouble. The new home looks nice.

  15. Cotopaxi is not a happy camper.

    BTW, I know this is all still WIP, so I hope the comment chains will look as good on the mobile as they did on the old site, because atm they look untasty. 😀

  16. Managed to get logged back on. I’m an avid watcher of Icelands volcanoes and reader of this site so thank you for rescuing it.
    Oh and happy birthday Lurking!

  17. I’m here.

    Happy birthday Lurking 🙂

  18. How bizarre! It really didn’t want to know me as “thriftwizard” & wouldn’t let me in – I hope it’ll let me into my own sites & the others I contribute to! The events here are almost as interesting as those in the realms of physical geography!

  19. Howdy Hi! Happy new home to all and best birthday wishes to lurking! Dulux (inannamoon)

  20. Yayyyyyyyyy! happy, happy Birthday Lurking.
    After much kerfuffle I got in again. I have a new name (I was Diana ) and a new avatar. The reason for the name you will find on my profile.
    I suggest as I have this avatar that Dragons be no more and we admins become Daleks. ( Realy? Can a Pink Dalek with matching handbag exterminate?)

    I’ve been so busy trying to get a new life here I have not had time to update today’s status of what we are all here for, ….. Volcanoes
    As I trot off to get coffee #2 I’ll just leave a birthday wish for Lurking from The Old and not so wise…………..

    • My youngest daughter loves the Dr. and would totally love your avatar. 🙂
      And Happy Birthday Geo!

    • Oh! Albert! Happy Birthday to you too. Please share Lurking’s Birthday song from me You’ll find it up there ^^^^

    • Congratulations to both of you! And to the new home, it’s eh, ewesome!

    • Me too! 62 today. Note new handle..
      Congratulations to all …

      Evidently, there is a dungeon here as well. Released.

      • Happy Bird Dog!

        ” alt=”” />

        The rare “Timberkeet”

  21. Irpsit wrote:
    “11000BC is Hekla”

    Albert, is Hekla that old?
    I thought Hekla was much younger (within Holocene), but there must have been a first eruption of Hekla.

    I have sometimes suspected that Tjorsáhraun was the birth of Hekla, as the Bardarbunga fissure radiated southwestwards, but this was a gut feeling I had once, and obviously a wild and bold claim. But you know every central volcano in Iceland starts as a crater row of a fissure swarm that might well have originated from another central volcano. What happened in 2014 shows a lot more is possible than what we think.

    Carl, any idea of Hekla first eruption?

    I thought I’d better repost the response from yesterday. It would be a pity to lose research to vandalism.

    The oldest ash layer in Greenland attributed to Hekla is 13000BC. This is from a paper by Mortensen (2005). Thye say that Hekla is the only producer of intermediate magma in Iceland, and the main one for rhyolite. But in Iceland itself there is evidence for a pre-holocene Hekla eruption and so it is interesting that there is evidence from Green;and that Hekla existed before the Holocene. But there are also some indications that Katla may have contributed to this ash.

    Also from this paper: “the eruption of Oræfajokull in AD 1362. is
    the largest of the historic rhyolitic eruptions in Iceland. This
    eruption deposited abundant ash particles in Greenland ice
    cores, but it has only formed a small chemical sulphate signal
    —possibly because the eruption was partly subglacial.”

    • I am going to correct this slightly.
      There has been several calc-alcaline intermediary andesitic volcanoes in Iceland, but Hekla is the only currently active of those. In his seminal paper on Thingmuli ISE Carmichael wrote about it.
      I have not read about the 13000BC eruption of Hekla in that paper, but I am dubious about that. Hekla is indeed portraying signs of being a youthful volcano. All references to the best of my knowledge of pre-holocene eruptions are in reallity from Vatnafjöll, a completely different volcanic system as evidenced by the erupted magmas.
      Thjorsahraun is decidedly not conistent with the magmas of Hekla, it is neither consistent with the MORB-like basalts of Vatnafjöll, it is in fact consistant with the magmas from the mantleplume adjacent rare earth mineral enriched ones like Bárdarbunga and Grimsvötn.

      • Yes, above ‘ there is evidence’ should have been ‘there is no evidence’ .. However, it does mean that another volcano had to erupt the type of magma currently produced by Hekla, before 10000BC.

  22. The Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) has issued a yellow warning concerning Cleveland.
    Quote “Volcanic Activity Summary: Elevated surface temperatures have been detected in satellite images at the summit of Cleveland for the past week, and an image from June 14 shows very light ash cover on the volcano’s upper flanks. Thus the volcano has entered a renewed period of unrest and we are raising the Color Code to Yellow and the Alert Level to Advisory.
    The increase in temperature at the summit is consistent with renewed growth of the small lava dome within the summit crater. The possibility of sudden explosions has increased”.

    More information on this volcano can be found here

  23. Sorry to hear Volcanocafë has been stolen 🙁
    Happy however to see it is up again 🙂
    I do not say much but I love this site.
    Happy Birthday Geo Lurking xxx

  24. Oh my! Hi guys! I’ve just found out what’s happened – having checked Facebook. That’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard of on the internet. But congratulations to everyone concerned for getting the new site up and running so quickly. Here’s to many more eruptions of a volcanic, rather than weird human, nature. 😀

      • Good to see you Talla 🙂 and Annebie. I am just getting to know who is who again with new names and faces 😀 😀

          • It was given to me…….I didn’t choose it!….Is someone trying to tell me something? 😀

        • This from my VC profile …………Dubious Sapientis (Dubs for short) named because the old should be wise and philosophical….my skills in this field appear dubious at times and I do not wish to be sued for any misrepresentation. As with most elderly folk I spend much time ruminating and I like to share the wanderings of my mind with any unfortunates who cannot click off site fast enough……I was also known as Diana Barnes in a previous existence.

      • And a big Happy Birthday to Geolurking! (I’m also celebrating today – it’s my last ever day of full-time work. I’m having two weeks off and then coming back part-time for a couple of months before fully retiring – Hurrah!)

          • Should have been clearer about _what_ we had in common. I can take this as my honorary birthday, however. Thanks!

  25. Hi all, long time no see, ive been lurking though, sad to see we were disrupted by someone rude.
    Nice to see you all still here.

  26. Thanks to all of you that got the Cafe’ back open. I’m in awe over the time and contributions you Daleks make.

    And also, I think my 6th grade volcano presentation went very well. These kids got really into it. I used prezi.com as a presentation tool (I highly recommend it). I had samples of rhyolite, andesite, pumice, obsidian and basalt. Of course video of Holuhraun. There was a lot of interest in nearby volcanoes. including El Pinacate volcano. It has 9 massive craters and over 500 cinder cones. It has reported activity in the 1934. It’s not closely monitored, as it is just south of the border in Mexico. But it’s ewesome:

    • Aw! Bill I am so glad it went well. It sounds like the kids really enjoyed and you may well have recruited some young Volcanoholics. 😀

  27. That’s great Bill, glad it went well.
    I think Geo and Albert both have vans,
    that’s the story I’m sticking with 😀

    • Both are 54? Both live in Pensacola? Both are in IT? Both have big dogs?

      • Happy Birthday to Lurking’s and Albert’s vans? dogs? Volcanoes? and of course to Volcanocafe’s new site. 😀 Who’s going to supply the cakes? Any volunteers?

      • @BillG, don’t go there, we are separate people. Albert sports a bit more intellectual horsepower than I could ever hope to muster.

        Right now I’m trying to figure out how I managed to get un-invited to a funeral. I can’t say that I’ve ever experienced that before.

  28. Continuing to watch imo activities at Bardarbunga there have been some mag 2 8.0km yesterday and 14.6 km today 2 or 3 hours ago.

  29. Speaking as an ex-sailor, I say that there is no lower life form than that of a thief. I hope you get him/her and make them … uncomfortable … for a while.

    Anyway, I am here and bookmarked!

  30. I was about to post this to the OTHER site when I saw it hijacked. So, I will post it here instead….

    Okay, maybe this has been addressed in the past, maybe not, but what is it with the Andean Volcanos of Equador and Columbia? It seems almost a rule that when they erupt BIG, it is a lateral blast, and all but a few of them blow in a westerly direction. Now, I have no documentation supporting this, but just a cursory look at Google Earth and you will see what I mean. The place is absolutely littered with Mt St Helens look-alikes.

    I have compiled a (non-exhaustive) list of a few volcanoes located there, just to illustrate:

    -Cerro Altar; LATERAL, W
    -Chimborazo; FLANK COLLAPSE (?), W
    -Carihuairazo; LATERAL, E
    -Iliniza Sur; FLANK COLLAPSE(?), SW
    -Corazon; LATERAL, NW
    -Ruminahui; LATERAL, W
    -Pasochoa; LATERAL, SW
    -Atacazo; LATERAL, SW
    -Pichincha; LATERAL, WSW
    -Ilalo; LATERAL, WNW
    -Castiagua; LATERAL, WNW
    -Mojanda; LATERAL, W
    -Cotacachi; LATERAL, NW
    -Imbabura; LATERAL, E
    -Reventador; FLANK COLLAPSE(?), E
    -Cerro Negro de Mayasquer; LATERAL, N
    -The 3 unnamed cones to the SW of Cerro Negro; LATERAL NNE, LATERAL W, LATERAL NW
    -Azufral; LATERAL, NE
    -Dona Juana; LATERAL, SW
    -Tungurahua; LATERAL, SW

    Is this odd? Is this disproportionate to the rest of the major chains of volcanoes elsewhere? Of the 30 or 40 volcanoes located in these two countries, 22 of them have blown laterally and 17 of those in a westward manner.

    I guess if you must build in this area of the world, build on the eastern side of the volcanoes. You have a 57% chance of not getting shotgun blasted into the Pacific…and only a 23% chance of being shotgun blasted into the Amazon – if your mountain happens to blow.

    Of course, the lahars and pyroclasts may STILL get you, so there is that…..


      • I can buy that…but PRIMARILY to the west, though?

        …Maybe centrifugal forcings? These do lie primarily on or near the equator….


        • Don’t know that centrifugal force is that big – someone else can confirm. But the volcanoes are in subduction zones, so composition of the lava is affected by the composition of the descending slab, mantle wedge and overlying crust – along with rates of subduction and magma ascent, and magma mixing.

          Volcanoes are made up of loosely consolidated lavas. So are prone to gravitational slope failure. The more pyroclasts there are v runny basalts, the less consolidated the lava?

          Why so many to the west? Something to do with local faulting impacted by the relative slab motions?


          • I think that in the long run, you will find the “local faulting” thing to be most accurate. That’s where I would put my money. (beats the hell out of having a bank stealing it)

            And that geometry probably has more to do with subduction angles and orientations than anything else. Much like dikes tending to make scoria cones that have their long axis pretty much in line with the feeding dike’s long axis.

            That dike concept came from a paper that I read about the volcanoes feed from the Réunion hotspot (Piton de la Fournaise). I really should have noted that paper since it had really good source citations about where that idea came from. If anyone runs across it, I would appreciate a link. (TIA!)

          • Prevailing wind direction might also be a factor? It would affect where pyroclasts fall and stability of the edifice.

    • Perhaps the weather, how is the rain impacted by the wind coming off the Pacific and hitting the Andes? I assume it predominantly falls to the east, draining into the Amazon but I wasn’t one for geography at school and maybe it doesn’t and it structurally weakens the west flanks.

      Erm, considered Aliens? 😉

    • Fascinating bit of information. The difference in numbers between E and W seems quite large. However, it can still be a matter of chance. 16W versus 5E is not entirely impossible to get by accident. I ran a few trial runs with random numbers and got this asymmetry a few per cent of the time. That is high enough to be considered chance. I would suggest not to build on either side of the volcano!

  31. Well, I’m back. Happy birthday GL.
    When I was at work this morning I thought it was turning out to be a strange sort of day. It’s not getting any less weird!
    Sorry to hear about the kerfuffle on the original site. I took the opportunity to re-register, but had to alter my old name slightly 😉

  32. Is that an Ash cloud on the Hekla web cam, to the left hand side of the Image ???

      • There is an ongoing summer gale/storm in Iceland the moment, but briefly.

        Hekla shows everything normal, but noise from this storm is visible in tremor graphs 🙂

    • Looks like some bad weather there. heavy rain clouds covering the volcano. nothing in the strain or tremor graphs to indicate any untoward activity….Sorry to disappoint you Grimmster 😀

  33. Can a dalek let Irpsit know that we have moved to this site? He’s posted on the old site and might not know what’s happened – it looks like comments are still being deleted there. Or am I being paranoid? 🙂

    • Comments are disappearing, Irpsit is aware and will be joining here soon…

      He commented on the other place earlier to that fact

      • Yes I’m here.

        After knowing this I wanted to back-up some of the old posts I had written. My wordfile crashed during copy-paste of the articles and huge list of comments so I decided to catch some fresh air.

        I spent the afternoon on the garden, which is sort of my daily work 🙂

        Anyways, it’s quite sad to see what happened. But I am too aware of things often end without us expecting them. The Buddists are correct: there is one truth, and that is everything changes and eventually ends and is transformed into something else. Thus have no attachments to things.

        • And by the way, had quite a day. I mean… animal-oriented!

          First I had two close encounters with a fox. The fox came into our garden and it was apparently unmoved when I tried to scare it away. We just stared at each other 1 meter apart but I was annoyed because the fox was investigating my pumpkins… (anyways I welcome to fox to eat mice, but not our pumpkins). A couple hours later I found a viper snake. Luckly haven’t crossed path with it. They are dangerous because they are far too small, so they go unnoticed, and if you step on one, their bite will send you straight to the hospital.

          • Where are you now? I know you moved from Iceland, but it sounds like you are still out in the country.

          • “later I found a viper snake”

            And that is why God made shovels. Used to be that my mom would never venture into the back yard without a shovel. They are less noisy than a shotgun and the police don’t typically show up if you dispatch a snake with one.

        • Very wise! I have to de-clutter my life – I have far too many objects and need to get rid of them. It’s very difficult to let go of objects that have good memories attached to them but I would still have the memories without the objects – and if the memories go then there’s no need to keep the objects. I’m very glad you made it here, Irpsit!

  34. The more I think on it, the more puzzled I am by the whole affair. A real case of sour-grapes would seem more inclined just to delete the entire site in one fell swoop before the rest of got our chance to mobilize and salvage what we could…or perhaps add insult to injury by having some particularly nasty or vitriolic content ready to upload and replace the site, causing embarrassment and scandal to some user(s)….

    ..not that I tend to sit around coming up with mean ways to quit a website…but it seems the perpetrator didn’t think things through at all…and is an amateur WAY in over their head. This isn’t just meanness. This is either lots of alcohol or a bit of psychosis.

    • Maybe a mixture of both……We will probably never know. Like Our Volcanoes’ behaviour, the antics of a psychotic, alcohol driven Volcanoholic would be unpredictable and as yet not fully understood.

    • On reflection I think it’s rather sad ….. a long time brooding about imagined slights can lead to actions which might seem unhinged to everyone else but which seem rational to the perpetrator. It might be caused by stress or depression.

    • That’s what a hacker most often is. Randomly looking for a victim and then ramdonly deleting stuff.

      But this could even be a virus.

      • If it were random… I would agree. But it seems to be focused on ‘settling a score’.

      • No no, this is a targeted attack, I’m not wanting to say more, but the evidence is available if you poke around on old vc

    • Someone “cleaning” out the site for their future use, perhaps? Seems a bit bizarre and sad. If the perpetrator is who I think it is (could be wrong so won’t mention names), they are undoing a lot of their own good work.

  35. And back to dry fogs: Carl commented that Sahara dust should be considered and that Italian records might help. I did find historical Italian records, but haven’t correlated them yet to the UK records. The 1831 fog was present in Italy as well, was considered volcanic there (and they note that it was not due to Vesuvius as apparently some people had argued, as it was less widespread in Italy than in some other countries). The paper states that the 1831 fog covered Europe, Siberia, North Africa and the United States. Definitely a mid-latitude northern volcano. Kamchatka?

    • First comment on new blog!

      (quite sad to see the hijacking of the blog, and if some old posts or discussions were lost forever…)
      (so they stay in our hearts….)

      Albert, the fog report of 1831. That geographical report already excludes many locations. Can’t be anything in Europe, because then it would affect the Middle East, India possibly, but not the United States!

      Can’t be most of Asia, like Japan, because it would affect those parts of Asia, which are quite populated. But it could be Phillipines or Indonesia and somehow unreported. Or even better, Vanuatu or anything in the Pacific.

      But even better would be the Caribeans or Latin America. Anything from there would directly affect the US and Europe, and also North Africa but not Asia.

      • Kamchatka is also possible, but I think Latin America would make a thicker fog in Europe than Kamchatka. I think reaching Europe from Kamchatka is quite a stretch…

        • The report didn’t say where in Siberia had been affected. It is a big place.. At mid latitudes transport is mainly west to east. It wasn’t the Azores. Latin America is possible, assuming a large eruption there could have gone unnoticed.

      • What about one of the Atlantic islands? or would it be from a subduction Volcano rather than a rifting eruption? Or doesn’t it matter what the origin is?

        Good to see you here Irpsit.

      • Not lost forever. I have a pretty sizable RAR archive of the articles. Comments may not be recoverable in their original form, but they do exist in the archive.

      • Europe could be a candidate, depending on weather conditions. An anticyclone could keep volcanic gasses / ash away from the Middle East.

        • Wouldn’t that be noticed in 1831? The Enlightenment was well under way and there were local naturalists/scientists everywhere by then. I think it would have to be somewhere pretty out of the way for it not to be reported.

  36. Long time lurker just checking in to the new site… 🙂

    • Welcome ConejoRed So glad you have found us in our new home 🙂 Do feel free to join us at the bar in Vulcan’s Forge and relax.

      • If you have “Fizzy” drinks reminiscent of Volcanos, count me in!

  37. Another lurker here. But checkin most days and love to keep up with things, and have learned a lot this past year. Can’t believe anyone would be so nasty to do what they’ve done , but hope you get things sorted and I appreciate all the work that goes into this. Keep up the good work guys.

    • “Can’t believe anyone would be so…”

      I can. I’ve worked in IT for quite some time. You would be amazed at what some people would stoop to, and how many times they get tripped up by their own inattention to detail. Just one slip and they leave an evidence trail five miles wide.

  38. Well, I’m back with you all again even if I only post occasionally. I always logged in with my wordpress account. Is that compromised at all? Do I need to change that password as well?
    Also, not having followed local politics recently, could someone mail me the name of the prime suspect? Just for curiosity’s sake. An e-mail for me is found on my website’s contact page.
    All the best for the rebuild.

    • No idea whether your account has been compromised, or not, but it is always a good idea to change passwords regularly.

    • Nothing of the users details will have been compromised, and as for the suspect… Ill leave that for someone else to do

  39. BTW, how do I embed any pictures of mine on this new site? Please don’t say ‘the same way as the old site’ because I’ve forgotten. I’m having a bit of a problem with memory, it looks like I may have an important artery in my brain blocked but the jury is still out.

    • The embed of images doesn’t seem to be working at the moment

    • Hi Eye of Skye! It’s lovely to hear from you again. Will they be able to treat your artery problem?

      • I don’t know much yet. I have a letter from the consultant that uses many terms that I had to resort to wikipedia to understand, try ‘dysdiadochokinesia’.
        I’m having a new MRI on Tuesday do after that things may be a little clearer. My GP says they can put stents in the brain and other clever things.

        • They can indeed do amazing things these days, so I hope they can diagnose and fix you up quickly.

    • “I may have an important artery…”

      Don’t mess around with that. I’m still trying to get the feeling back in some of my fingers due to the strokes.

      (yes, plural, imagine my shock when the neurologist said “and it wasn’t your first one”)

      • It’s just the Sword of Damocles (spelling?) effect that’s bothering me at the moment. If we are comparing impairments I’ve got numb feet, parts of my knees, backside, fingertips and other bits 🙁

        It is a shock though isn’t it. My father was prone to TIA’s on a regular basis for 20 years so I guess I’m just keeping the family tradition alive 😉

      • I’ve read that people can have ‘small’ stroke(s) and not realize it. Same with heart attacks.

    • Hey! Glad you found us here and good to see you. Oh Dear! It’s not good having memory probs. I do hope they can fix you back good as new. My memory isn’t that good either….Passwords are a nighmare for me..but I have never been good at remembering stuff especially Historical dates and where I left my keys, glasses and once I forgot my baby and left her in her pram outside a shop..got on the bus and luckily remembered before it set off!!…I put that down to hormonal changes

    • We are working on that too, to try to get everything back to how we all were used to, functionality and such…

  40. Argh! I log off for a day or two and when I come back a pyroclastic flow has swept away my favourite blog! How can someone do this to us? Thanks Carl and all for setting a refreshed blog back up so quickly. How awful someone felt they had to destroy so much work between us all. I hope you get it all sorted. Well – I’m back but I’ve lost the use of my favourite password. The old blog is still visible. And the final surprise is finding that GL is younger than me.

    • To which Happy Birthday GL! And now I have to get used to a load of new names. Oh dear.

      I like the idea of Daleks replacing the Dragons. As for our future? Well, Iceland brought us together so I’d love to see that wonderful place remain our focus. And the decade volcano sequence has been fascinating. I’d like to see the Sheepy Dalek Bar resurrected, too.

      And I think we should put pressure on Mila to return our favourite web cam to live status – looking over Hekla and the original Dalek. After all, Hekla has every chance of exploding soon – geologically speaking…

      • We have Vulcan’s Forge at our disposal as a bar. See on the menu above. Have one on the house, it’s free! From Vulkanbräu to Fizzy Lifting Drinks and anything in between. And Popcorn too.

      • Hi Clive…. Drinks in Vulcan’s Forge ……It’s warm and welcoming in there 😀

  41. … happy dance…

    My archive is headed to the cognizant entities!

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