Volcanocafé has been stolen

"I have become Bozo, Destroyer of Worlds" With humor and intelligence we will prevail!

“I have become Bozo, Destroyer of Worlds” With humor and intelligence we will prevail!

Hello all!

It is with a heavy heart I have to say that Volcanocafé has been stolen.
All of the current administrators have been kicked out and content is being deleted from there.
We are frantically trying to restore things and save everything from back ups that we have.
Sadly any comments from the deleted articles are lost, and the comments from our beloved commentators are the heart and soul of Volcanocafé.
We know who has done this, and we are going forward with a lawsuit against that person for theft and destruction of intellectual property.

We the owners of Volcanocafé are heart broken, but strong in our belief in what we are doing due to our wonderful readers and commentators.

Kindest Regards from
Carl (who wrote this sad note), Henrik, Albert, Lugh, Sissel, Tommy, Diana, Nick & Lurking (all admins and owners of the place)

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  1. Carl, this reply goes here so it doesn’t drown.

    Regarding Hekla birth and Hkla possible pre-Holocene eruption,or not.

    First, Tindfjallajokull had the one of the fewest things in Iceland that nears a VEI7, some 55.000 years ago. It deposited the remarkable Thorsmork ignimbrite, with 200m thick ash. Quite a feat! It is likely that Tindfjoll had other eruptions since then – even eruptions westwards – outside of the caldera only in Pleistocene as no lava flows remain, but ash eruptions in the caldera could have been missed.

    Another serious VEI6 comes with Torfajokull ring-fracture collapse rhyolite eruption. This occurred under ice, and created parts of the massive current caldera. It erupted several dozen km3 of rhyolite. This 70.000 years ago. The still existent rhyolite tall deposits even make me think of a more massive eruption than that of Tindfjallajokull. Truly I wouldn’t want to be in Iceland when one of these occurred.

    – – – Now, back to Hekla:

    I have no clue whether Hekla was born in early Holocene or in late Pleistocene, but I would want to know how was his first eruption. I am truly curious.

    I am found some interesting trivia, in what regards of the biggest eruptions in Iceland during the first 5000 years of the Holocene. I took note of this list:

    ***End of ice age /Holocene begins 9500 BC***
    For the following 2500 years, a period with very large eruptions occurred. It must have been fun being in Iceland at this time!

    Particularly look at how closely some big eruptions occurred to each other, possibly even at nearly same time.

    Theistareykjarbunga ~9500 BC
    Askja VEI5, ~8910 BC +-200
    Leggjarbrjotur/Hveravellir ~8600 BC
    First documented Krafla eruption ~8500 BC
    First documented Snaefellsnes eruption ~8460 BC
    Grimsvotn Saksunarvatn ~8200 BC +-100
    Krafla/Ludent ~7850 BC
    Skjaldbreidur ~7500 BC +-500

    Particularly around 6800-7000 BC, look how many of the largest lava flows in Iceland are just clustered in time. I wonder how many of them were somehow connected or triggered by a tectonics domino.

    Around 7100BC, at same time or within decades, Bardarbunga had two lava floods, one north and one south.
    Just shortly after, at 6800BC lava floods occurred repeatedely near Krafla and at neighbour Theistareykjarbunga (haha!). These two were surely connected. But the astonishing thing is that it was around at this “same time”, that Holmsá fires (Edlgjá) erupted and Thrjosáhraun also occurred, so everything from Katla to Tjornes rifted in a short period of time!!!

    Trolladyngja ~7100 BC
    Veidivotn ~7050 BC
    Geitlandshraun/Langjokull 6950 BC
    Bondholshraun/Krafla (several eruptions) ~6850 BC
    Theistareykjarbunga ~6800 BC
    Holmsá/Edlgjá ~6800 BC
    Veidivotn/ Thjorsáhraun ~ 6700 BC.
    Katla larger eruption ~6400 BC

    Snaefellsnes ~6050 BC
    Hveravellir/Kjalhraun ~5850 BC

    Finally we come to circa 5100 BC. This is the first documented Hekla eruption (consensus), but it was the timing of the first documented Vatnafjoll lava flood! Thumbs up! Related stuff!

    But also at this “same time”, Trolladyngja, the tallest shield volcano near Kistufell, erupted. Think Odadahraun lava field and Hekla born within decades or a few years. Geologically that’s at the same time!

    First documented Hekla eruption (Hekla5, a VEI5) ~5150 BC
    First documented Vatnafjoll eruption ~5050 BC
    Trolladyngja ~5000 BC
    Laki ~4500 BC+- 500

    Yes, Laki also occurred shortly after that. So it was another period of rifting across a big lenght of Iceland!


    • So, what you are saying is that it is not out of the question for the Dead Zone to be quite active in the not so distant future… Holuhraun may have just been the opening shot of a rifting episode…

      • Yes, I am saying that often in Iceland things go kaboom one after the other. Well, we even know about it having a cycle of 140 years. But apparently every few centuries or millenia, the rifting episode gets much more wild and epic in scale.

        Or to just write a fictional story: several years from now an eruption occurs at Hamarinn and rifting occurs between Bardarbunga and Hamarinn. This happens within weeks of a large M7 earthquake in SISZ:

        Shortly after, Thordarhyma erupts. A short-lived VEI4 eruption.

        Katla erupts in the meanwhile. A VEI5 lasting a month.

        Then, a decade later, Askja erupts and a new eruption in Holuhraun and under the glacier.

        Two years latrl Kverfjoll erupts and a minor fissure opens outside the ice cap.

        Finally, a couple of decades down the road Veidivotn erupts and Torfajokull, in a very ashy eruption for Iceland.

        Which is followed years later by a small shield-volcano styled eruption S of Langjokull, near Geysir.

        This purely fictional story is just to show what sort of events we could expect in the next 20-30 years. One just has to look back in history to get a preview of what’s coming ahead.

  2. Look at this comparison of Eyjafjalljokull years 1996 and 2009 (almost sure this is Eyjafjallajokull)

    Severe ice thinning in Eyjafjalljokull in years prior to its eruption (caused by climate warming).
    Could it had helped to trigger the 2010 eruption?

    Melting/ thinning of the Icelandic ice caps has since long proved to increase the likelihood of eruptions of those subglacial volcanoes. Less (ice) pressure increases possibly decompression melting, creating more and larger eruptions. THis is what happened in the early Holocene. We might see in the future a new wave of large eruptions as more ice cap thin dramatically.

    I think we should have a look at the edges of ice caps for next future candidates, where ice is melting faster, particularly in the fastest decreasing glaciers. I particularly think Langjokull and Snaefellsjokull.

    • Thx KarenZ. I see it says they will dive to explore a second this afternoon. 🙂

  3. And in the odd subtopic that comes up every now and then regarding females as being responsible for the demise of the Neanderthal…. a line of evidence that human females are still enthralled by physique. Even if it’s just for the eye candy.

    A giant gorilla with brooding good looks and rippling muscles is causing a stir at a Japanese zoo, with women flocking to check out the hunky pin-up.

    Shabani, an 18-year-old silverback who tips the scales at around 180 kilograms (400 pounds), has become the star attraction at Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Nagoya, striking smouldering poses the movie model in “Zoolander” would be proud of.

    “He often rests his chin on his hands and looks intently at you,” zoo spokesman Takayuki Ishikawa told AFP on Friday.

    “He is more buff than most gorillas and he’s at his peak physically. We’ve seen a rise in the number of female visitors — women say he’s very good-looking.”


    • “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned”

      (William Congreve)

    • I was reading about this Silverback gorilla on the BBC website. He’s an impressive looking animal.

  4. Well! I didn’t feel like myself with that long Latin name……and people were getting confused (including me) so to make me feel more at home I changed my name back. I feel happier now . 😀

    • Why not DianaDalek or DianaD in honour of your new incarnation? 🙂

      • Lol I like that…….I can exterminate to my heart’s content then……Thank you Leon >>>>>>>> toddles off to change again singing and doing a happy dance for Lurking…

          • Like the Dalek too may we call you D.D. for short?
            I’m keeping Bald Eagle for sure -more descriptive…

    • Hi Diana,

      I know how you feel, I am trying to work out who is who, haven’t had much time, been studying for microchipping exam, all done now, have to wait on results, the vet was happy about it, so all good. Tafe is on holiday at the moment, other then that I am flat chat with everything and tired, I have some very nice pups, a few teacup size as well, people go gaga over them, was funny at the vets the other day a girl with a, forgot the name is a large dog with wrinkles all over, a pup of same 9 weeks old, Sasson the little shit of mine was 8 1/2 weeks old the difference was amazing, Sasson was about 1/4 of the size of his head.

      • You know, I’m old enough to remember when, on the internet, if you wanted to be taken seriously, especially in scientific discussions, you would never think about using anything other than your own real name. That’s always been my rule, and it makes things much simpler!

  5. Hi everyone, I am back, with my old moniker as well, was Karulei and word press for a while, they only way I could log in at all. Happy Birthday G L,Albert and TG, what a shamozzle, not much good crying over spilt …, VC was good, looking fw to it being bigger and better then ever, with the brains we have not a problem

    • Hi Ursh! I agree it was difficult on the old site after the old Dragons left and changed the settings. I could only log on using Facebook, but I’m back with my old green grumpy face again! The old gang seems to be re-assembling here so it’s all good!

  6. So, also back again…
    happy to see the old crowd 🙂
    Mostly lurking, comments few (as there are much more knowlegable people around) but always enjoying the atmosphere of friendly bantering.
    And learning tons of interesting things, not only about volvanoes…

    Wishing the crew strenght and wisdom to deal with this crisis, a cool head and some luck in retrieving all the data.


  7. Back again. Where do I send an army af Kobolds to disrupt the miscreant’s household?

  8. Shar-Pei? I think my dog is half because of the little cute ears.

  9. Just letting you know that i’m still here 🙂

    Anyways, sorry to hear about the Volcanocafe blog that got stolen. But i hope everything will get resolved in the end.

  10. Good Evening All, nice to be among friends again, make mine a double, anything, cheers.

    • It is also fairly important to masticate. Especially as one BBQ marshamallows ontop of an active volcano.

      • I confused the hell out of one of my grandkids with that term. (he’s in his 20’s, so could be considered adult-like)

  11. I haven’t been here for a while, but happy to see all masters of volcanoes again.
    All the best to this great team!

    I’m really interested inrecent activity under reykanes ridge… what will it bring?


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